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At Rothley bespoke we are all about quality. We use only the very best products and insist that any other service providers we work with value customer service as much as we do.


want to get involved?

If you feel that you have a particular product, or indeed provide a complimentary service, in which you feel we might be interested then please do get in touch and tell us all about you.

From time to time we do have the need to call upon support from other tradesmen, designers and the like so if you have a great reputation within your field and a genuine commitment to service then we would be interested in having a chat.


  • Sep 2009 - saw the formal beginning of Rothley Bespoke. Having designed and built a garden building for a relative, Roy Reeves quickly realised that the congratulations and admiration he’d received afterwards really was more than just polite or biased praise from family members. Having been told on more than one occasion that he had the ability to create something quite special (and very different from everything else out there) he came around to the thought that there may just be something in what they were saying…
  • Oct 2009 - was the first real test to see if others agreed. Roy quite literally took his ideas to market – Loughborough Market! He opened a stall from which he could promote his garden building services and soon became very busy with work generated from the ideas and designs he discussed with local clients who’d come to see him there.
  • 2010 /11 - the requests he was receiving started to increase and also vary in nature. Rather than only garden buildings he was now being asked to provide fencing, decking, driveways and all sorts of other services which the clients recognised fell within his particular skill set. And so it’s quite fair to say that Rothley Bespoke diversified upon request.
  • 2011 /12 - has seen the move to offering a full landscaping service. It not only became apparent to Roy that he had the capability to expand his offering but also that the high standard of workmanship he offered could not always be guaranteed by other companies. On many occasions he found himself working alongside other contractors who offered less in the way of choice and less in the way of quality, an attitude which did not sit well with his own need for perfection. From the client’s point of view he also realised that it made far more sense to have one person overseeing the entire project, making it less stressful, more cost-effective and with an end result of consistent high quality. Rothley Bespoke can therefore now carry out any size of project and provide every individual element involved in making the perfect outdoor space. And as the business builds so too does the good reputation. A high proportion of new business comes through recommendation. It’s even been known for Roy and the team to start with a simple landscaping brief and then be asked to stay on site and provide more and more services, sometimes expanding to many months of work.
  • Jan 2013 - has seen Roy’s wife Elizabeth Reeves joining the team, providing a Garden Design Service to match Roy’s high standards. And as the volume of work increases so does the Rothley team; they’ve now been joined by a very capable apprentice and hard-working skilled labourers who together keep the new design ideas fresh and ensure that they can keep up with the pace of custom.


Our team

  • Roy
    Roy spent over 20 years working within the construction industry, gaining a vast amount of...
  • Liz
    The passion which Liz has for gardening stemmed from the many days she spent in...
  • Seamus
    Seamus joined Rothley Bespoke in 2012 as an Apprentice. Very quickly it became apparent that...
  • Jasper
    When Jasper the Springer joined Rothley Bespoke in 2009 we weren’t too sure what his...

Why Choose Us?

We are a Leicestershire based company working out of the Charnwood village of Rothley. The company was established in 2009 but our skills have been over 20 years in the making, with the majority of our experience having been earned in the fields of civil engineering, construction, joinery and project design.

Offering a comprehensive landscaping service

Rothley Bespoke provide a very comprehensive landscaping service, from initial design right through to the final planting (and everything in between). We have the capability to handle all aspects of your garden project in-house so throughout the process you will know exactly who is working on your property. What’s more as we project manage each contract you’ll know exactly when we’ll be with you and for how long. If your plan includes a garden building we will manufacture it on our own premises; it needn’t be of standard dimensions as we’ll make the most of whatever size and shape of plot you have.

Rothley Bespoke by name, truly bespoke by nature

Everything we do is bespoke. Our first, and perhaps most important, task is to establish what you would like the end product to look like and then we’ll do our very best to deliver it exactly as you wished. Our practical experience puts us in a position to be able to recommend materials which will offer maximum impact, longevity and, of course, value for money – our flexibility means that we are not held to using standard products or specific manufacturers.
Committed, punctual and dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do, we never lose sight of the fact that our clients are the future of our business; much of our work comes from recommendation (by past clients and other service professionals) so our reputation is of utmost importance to us. As well as being easy to work with we are also very conscious of our responsibilities and have adopted rigorous Health & Safety and Environmental standards within our business which offer our clients that added peace of mind.