Garden Design

All too often people concentrate the majority of their time and attention to the hard landscaping side of a project and then leave the actual garden design until last, believing that it’s simply a case of putting some plants and flowers in to add some colour and interest.


At Rothley Bespoke we don’t want to overcomplicate things but we do understand the importance of discussing the final garden design before we even start breaking ground. We will provide concept plans, an overall masterplan, planting plans for individual areas and a maintenance schedule if required – each of these stages will ensure that everything is taken into consideration and that we include the right trees and plants to achieve the desired end effect.


The aim is to leave you with a garden which will be enjoyed by you, your family and friends for many years to come and will mature beautifully with time as well as look stunning when first completed. We will carefully consider the style, period and setting of your property and take time to discover the most important aspects to suit your lifestyle. Some clients look for a low maintenance garden which will be manageable, regardless of the time they have available, whilst others like to utilise their own gardening skills – whatever you are looking for and whatever level of gardener you are, we can provide you with the perfect setting to enjoy every inch of your outside space.


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    Breachfield Road

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    Timelapse Video

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  • Gaddesby Lane

    Gaddesby Lane

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